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Item Specifications:
TCC Series
These adapters are made from high quality materials to ensure best performance and low insertion loss same standards as applied to the Universal Adapter Kits, but, designed to work at high frequency ranges. Listed below the High Frequency Adapter Kits are connectors it comes with. Our wi-fi version comes with connectors more specifically targeted for all your wi-fi connection needs, such as reverse Polarity connectors for easier wireless LAN interconnects. The 25-HFAK-30-TGN and the 25-HFAK-30-WIFI-TGN comes packaged in a textured wooden case. The 25-HFAK-40-TGN comes packaged in a soft zippered leather case (textured wooden case optional). Both cases provides excellent protection, easy organization, and enhanced mobility. Wi-FI High Frequency Adapter Kit includes: 6 Universal Centers 1 BNC Male 1 BNC-RP Male 1 TNC Male 1 TNC-RP Male 1 MCX Male 1 MMCX Male 1 N Male 1 N-RP Male 1 SMA Male 1 SMA-RP Male 1 FMEMale 1 UHF Male 1 BNC Female 1 BNC-RP Female 1 TNC Female 1 TNC-RP Female 1 MCX Female 1 MMCX Female 1 N Female 1 N-RP Female 1 SMA Female 1 SMA-RP Female 1 FME Female 1 UHF Female