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Item Specifications:
TCC Series
This adapter kit offers convenience and best value. These adapters are made from same high quality materials to ensure best performance. A storage case is provided to keep the adapters with excellent protection, easy organization, and enhanced mobility. SMA Interseries kit contains: 2ea 19-23-TGN, SMA Jack to SMA Jack 2ea 19-28-TGN, SMA Plug to BNC Plug 1ea 19-38-TGN, SMA Jack to BNC Plug 1ea 19-39-TGN, SMA Jack to BNC Jack 2ea 19-29-TGN, SMA Plug to BNC Jack 1ea 19-34-TGN, SMA Jack to N Plug 1ea 19-20-TGN, SMA Jack to SMA Plug Right Angle