Item Specifications:
TCC Series
The 4.3/10 RF connectors is our new product, this is a different size standard as compared to the 4.1/9.5 shown on the previous page. Features of the 4.3/10 connectors are similar to the 4.1/9.5, also compact design, easy installation, and guarantee excellent return loss and low PIM levels. APPLICATIONS ● Telecommunications ● DAS Networks ● Small Cell Systems ● Mobile PACKING: We supply two types of adapters with a black zippered leather case or a textured wooden case for your choosing. 4.3/10 Male to N Female 4.3/10 Male to N Male 4.3/10 Female to N Male 4.3/10 Female to N Female 4.3/10 Male to 4.3/10 Male 4.3/10 Female to 4.3/10 Female