Item Specifications:
TCC Series
More flexible adapter kit, so we brought you this 40 piece version. These adapters are made from same high quality materials to ensure best performance and low insertion loss. Combine with our universal Quick Connector and you have a fast and convenient system for hooking your connectors up to a wattmeter. The 40 piece version comes with standard connector types such as UHF, Mini-UHF, N, BNC, TNC, and SMA, we added 2 more Universal Centers, RCA and F connectors. The kit come packaged in a soft, compact zippered case which provides excellent protection, easy organization, and enhanced mobility. This 40 piece kit contains: 8 Universal Centers 2 UHF Males 2 UHF Females 2 Mini-UHF Males 2 Mini-UHF Females 2 N Males 2 N Females 2 BNC Males 2 BNC Females 2 TNC Males 2 TNC Females 2 SMA Males 2 SMA Females 2 RCA Males 2 RCA Females 2 F Males 2 F Females