TCC Industries INC. has been producing high quality connectors from N, UHF, Mini-UHF, TNC and BNC connectors to SMA, MMCX, SMB, QMA, 7/16 DIN, Mini DIN and reverse polarity/reverse threads. TCC is also a provider in LOW-PIM, High Performance connectors, and even FAKRA and HSD connectors

Our connector cable application, we have assigned a cable group letter to cable types from different cable manufacturers. Here’s our link to

TCC supports our OEM customers to the fullest with our ability to create custom RF components. We assist in the design of these components at every step to maximize our clients productivity and ensure compatibility and functionality at the lowest price. And to that our ability to create other types of components that involve screw machine manufactured parts and it’s easy to see that TCC can provide the services and support needed to handle today’s ever-changing RF applications.

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